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Does anyone know what this tree/Bush is please




I can't decide whether it is a maple or a snowball bush.

25 Apr, 2021



Tug thank you so much for your suggestion. I looked up snowball bush and its clearly different from what's known as that in Britain, the Guelder Rose, Viburnum opulus. This explains my puzzelement at an American friend's post.

25 Apr, 2021


actually it does look like Viburn opulus too.

25 Apr, 2021


or even a currant?

26 Apr, 2021


Sorry, Yorkslass. A currant would have leaves one at a time, rather than in pairs, like the picture.

1 May, 2021


I have just bought a couple of V. opulus today and they look just ike these. I've gone for the straight species as I want the berries too.

1 May, 2021


Shucks Tug, that's a thing I never noticed. (Too much attention on getting rid of blister mites and picking the fruit...

Good luck with that Eileen. I dug mine up after a number of years - it flowered well but had so few berries it wasn't worth keeping. It didn't respond to threats as plants occasionally seem to do. May have been a pollination problem as I haven't seen any more around here.

1 May, 2021


this is a good plant for moths too and that is one of the reasons we selected it.

2 May, 2021

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