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I just dug up a stem of an unknown plant in a border, west facing, under a large Camelia - the root ball was rotted away and covered in ? young millipedes or some such wiggling wigglers!! Anyone got any ideas - photo attached

P9170065 P9170066



That's just what they are, I think. How big? Phil J

17 Sep, 2010


Millipedes can eat small, soft seedlings, but more often live off decaying plant material, They probably didn't cause the demise of the plant, but are just taking advantage of the rotting "carcass".

17 Sep, 2010


Urgh that's mingin' :)

18 Sep, 2010


ah but so true. millipedes are wonderful animals for sorting and removing dead materials.

18 Sep, 2010


Yes, Donna, my sentiments precisely, thoroughly yucky!!
Phil J, Root stump in photo about the size of my thumb - top rightish of top photo you can see the underside of a wood louse - so millipedes about an inch long and 1mm thick.
Thanks Tugbrethil!
Jane :)

18 Sep, 2010


Young millipedes then, and probably very disturbed now! PJ

18 Sep, 2010

How do I say thanks?

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