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I bought one of these in spring and it gave a spectacular display. Im led to believe its a relatively new version and as yet its quite expensive & difficult to find. I did take some seeds from the head - they are about half the size of a pea.

Will they be any use ? if so, when & where should I plant them ? - though it has to be said I am totaly useless at growing from seed... :-(

Thanks in advance



One way of growing allium from seed is to let them mature on the plant until the stem will pull up easily. Take some out to save and put the seed head down on the bit of garden where you want the seeds to take and let those grow naturally in undisturbed soil. Then you have the expensive bulb in the soil, saved seeds and seeds in undisturbed ground. Just put a few saved seeds in a pot at the time the seeds go on the soil naturally and wait. All things come to those who wait. Or pay £12.50 for 3 bulbs + postage!

18 Sep, 2010


Search "Growing Alliums from seed" for a full description of the process. The half the size of a pea things are actually the seed cases, the seeds themselves are surpringly small black things inside the pod.

18 Sep, 2010


Thanks for the responses - and apologies for not searching as Owdboggy suggested - your good advice on this matter in another posting has been appreciated

18 Sep, 2010

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