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Spent bulbs
I read on here once that bulbs that have finished flowering should be fed to help them build up for next year. I would really like to know what, specifically, to feed them with and how often, please. They are daffodil and tulip bulbs and I have already dead headed the daffodils. I know many people treat tulips as annuals but these were new bulbs and are flowering magnificently and I would like to keep them. Thank you.



I use half strength tomato food watered at the base of the bulbs. my brother sprays his with a foliar feed like the miracle grow one. In the past I have sprinkled Growmore granules at their base and only do one feed as too much feed will be wasted. Leave the leaves on for as long as you can and water them if we don't get any rain.

27 Apr, 2021


Some tulip are are more perennial than others so it depends on variety whether they are likely to come back next year. Spraying with Miracle Grow works for feeding.

27 Apr, 2021


Thank you. I will feed as you suggest and hope for the best. It's interesting that some will live longer than others and perhaps explains why my deep purples and plnks often fail to return while the reds and yellows flaunt their colours year after year!

27 Apr, 2021

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