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ChoisyaI bought a little plant in the spring but I've lost the info on which of the choisyas it is

West Sussex, United Kingdom Gb

I bought a little plant in the autumn but I've lost the info on which of the choisyas it is. It has fine green leaves unlike the one called ternyata or something similar, and it isn't the golden one. The main thing is knowing where to stand it. It is in a Malaysian pot and standing in full sun for most of the day and it doesn't look too happy. Any advice would be welcome. Thanks.



Wonder if it is Choisya × dewitteana White Dazzler. The general info says full sun to partial shade, out of drying cold winds.
I wonder if it is a little dry as it is in a pot and we've not had much rain.

Have you fed it? if its in fresh compost it shouldn't need any feed for at least 3 months.

27 Apr, 2021


Thanks Seaburngirl, I haven't fed it and I do water it, so maybe it is the full sun and drying winds. I'll move it somewhere more sheltered and shady. I have no memory of the name tag at all so you may well be right.

27 Apr, 2021

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