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Hi all I have a red robin free and would like to know if I should prune it ? As you can see from the pic there are a few dead leaves I fed it with blood bone ect




I would cut back all the dead wood and then see if it re-sprouts lower down. Start at the tip of the branches and scrape the bark with your thumb nail. if it is green underneath that is alive, if it is brown then it's dead. Keep moving down the branch until you hit green wood.

27 Apr, 2021


Its possible to overfeed with blood meal - more is not better. Did you use the recommended amount for the size of pot?

27 Apr, 2021


Hi yyorkslass I just took a handful and sprinkled around the base of the plant forked it in and watered so I don't know if I've over done it I suppose time will tell

Hi seaburngirl there are big green new shoots appearing from the base of the tree so it's definitely still alive should I just nip a couple of bud lengths of the end of the branches'to give it a more structured look

Thank you both for the replies

28 Apr, 2021


Follow Seaburngirl's advice. Its no use just nipping off a couple of buds if the ones below it are dead. If most of the top turns out to be dead you can always start again from the bottom and choose whether to train it as a bush or a standard.

28 Apr, 2021


Personally I'd prune it quite short to encourage it isnt a bush rather than a standard.

28 Apr, 2021

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