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Morning , I have grown honeysuckle for for the first time ,do i cut it back now or do i leave it ?? also do i cut back my clematis also ii don't no the name of it though



Leave the honeysuckle if its everygreen and tidy it up in spring. I think that they can gennerally be left and just have the oldest thickest stem removed come spring, that is if its an established plants.

Clematis are more of a challenge. If its a late floewering on then i believe you can cut them back after flowering or early next year. Late flowering ones flower on growth produced the same year.
Early ones flower on wood produced last year and so get timmed back after flowering.

There are Groups of clematis and each group requires different techniques, but as you dont know the name, its not easy to know for sure.

Hope that made sense!

19 Sep, 2010


hi Nicky , i don't no if its evergreen,but i will leave until spring.the clematis is an early flowerier,so do i cut that back now ??? Thank you for your help

19 Sep, 2010


I would say yes about the clematis, although it maybe leaving it a bit late now! Difficult to know. What months did it flower. There will be no harm if you do leave it as it will still flower, just the growth will be ontop of what it has already produced this year.

21 Sep, 2010


it was july

21 Sep, 2010


Thank you for your help Nicky, hope you have a good weekend

24 Sep, 2010

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