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I had some freesias as a 'free gift' last year. I potted them up and left them on the terrace but they only threw up a few leaves. Unsure what to do with them in winter, I put them in my glassed in porch where, to my delight, they bloomed in March. Now the leaves are looking quite dead. What should I do with the plants now, or is that the end of them? Thanks.



well they are a bulb so they may still be ok. Have the leaves died back like daffs did? Knock them out the pot and see what the bulbs are like. if firm pop them in fresh compost and keep somewhere warm. they need the warmth to ripen the bulb for the next phase of growth.
then start watering them and they should perform for you again.

30 Apr, 2021


Thanks, SBG. Yes, the leaves have died back to a papery buff colour so I'll follow your advice and knock them out to check whether they are still firm.

3 May, 2021

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