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Dorset, United Kingdom Gb

Preperation for the winter ... I always get it wrong & leave things out or don't get them in in time.
I have Osteospermums, red cordyline, cistus, hibiscus, geraniums & a heart - shaped, purple/red leafed foliage plant & silver leaf one that I don't know the name of (photos incl.)
Which of these should I bring actually indoors for the winter (the greenhouse freezes) & could any of them live in the summerhouse if I remember to keep them watered?

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Many of the plants on your list can be protected outside, with a heavy mulching of leaf mould/ bark then covered in fleece when you get hard frosts, also under the fleece you can use newspaper and you will need slug traps around them outside. Digging up all your plants will not save them if you do not have a heated greenhouse, As your soil is heavy clay I would recommend old broken bricks and grit to improve the texture of the soil, it would also be slightly warmer.

18 Sep, 2010


All these plants are in pots tho Docb ... sorry ... I should've said.
I could put them all in the summerhouse which has lots of light or bring them indoors ... we have 2 spare rooms. I have difficulty judging whether it's going to freeze or not when they forecast it as some parts of the garden are very sheltered but even there the frost can penetrate so I think it would be safer to bring them in somewhere? What do you think?

18 Sep, 2010


Hello Fluff, that's a different situation, yes put them in your summerhouse, put down a piece of polythene with newspaper on top to stop any damage to the floor when watering. Also to give you a guide on frost/cold nights, purchase a max/min thermometer, place in the coldest part of the garden, read and reset regularly. In very cold weather cover up with fleece and newspaper as I said before. Open the summerhouse door on warm days.

18 Sep, 2010


Brilliant Doctor B ... thanks so much.
We already have several thermometers as my hubby is a 'what's the temperature outside?' fanatic! :o)

19 Sep, 2010


That's great Fluff, a man after my own heart, good luck with them.

19 Sep, 2010

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