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I would like to buy my husband a tree for his 50th. Can you suggest anything. I thought maybe one that he could keep in a large container. Thank you



Remember that without root pruning and some judicial top pruning you will only have a tree in good health for a few years in a container, even a relatively large one as the tree gets larger.

Any clues as to the type of tree or shrub? Flowers, foliage, evergreen structural type? There are quite a few. Remember that most plants will grow in a container for a certain amount of time so your choice is quite large!

You could have a self fertile apple tree such as either the excellent new(ish) 'Red Windsor' or similar variety called (appropriately enough) 'Scrumptious'. On dwarf root stocks (M27) they stay small too. Decorative with flowers in May and red skinned fruits on both these varieties though tasting more like Cox's Orange Pippin thankfully! Always nice to get something back off a plant too.

18 Sep, 2010


What about a bonsai then?

18 Sep, 2010


I've just housed a catalpa bignonoides 'Aurea' in a huge blue wooden planter. It looks brilliant. Does he like native trees? Fagus sylvatica 'Dawyck Gold' (gold leafed fastigiate form of beech) also looks lovely, even without the leaves. Corylus avaellana 'Contorta' (corkscrew hazel), with its curious twisted and curling stems is fun, too. Dwarf pines and other conifers look great in containers. Phil J

18 Sep, 2010


a nice acer griseum (paper bark maple) would fit the bill for me, makes a great courtyard plant and doesn't grow too big..

18 Sep, 2010

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