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Husband has got it into his head that he wants an apple tree in our raised bed. We have a fence to espalier it against. Anyone had any experience of growing an apple tree in a restricted space? The ones we saw today were grown on dwarf stock and label said 10ft in 10 yrs which we could cope with. Any advice welcomed. He was ready to buy but I advised a little research first !!!



I moved into a house last year where they had tried training the apple tree (i will upload the photo). i have some work to do to master this art as the tree has grown tall this summer! I found this


I have two apple trees about two meters apart, and one I particularly worry about in one corner as the garden has been levelled and I'm worried the roots might push the fence out. you can see from the photo's. Lovely apples from them though this year... loads! If you can cope with it, and have a little space it sounds great. Id say go for it but I am a REAL novice in all of this...

18 Sep, 2010


Thanks for that quick response Heidib !! I will take a look at the website.

18 Sep, 2010


Just make sure you can reach the tree easily if the bed is raised Health and safety!. If grown on limiting stock. No fruiting first year apart from a couple of sample fruit. Other years fruit may need thinning at white bud stage (RHS idea) or after June drop. If too much fruit sets it can snap spurs or fruit is small, or you may get none the next year. Also ,if only one tree, make sure it is self fertile. More than meets the eye growing apples and pears!! Look at Hessayon while in garden centre and get your info free, or on the internet.

19 Sep, 2010

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