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what can you recommend as an evergreen plant wall to divide a section of garden



You haven't said how tall you want it, and whether you want to treat it as hedging or have just freestanding plants, but a few suggestions would be pyracantha, berberis darwinii, aucuba japonica, prunus laurocerasus, ligustrum, lonicera nitida, buxus sempervirens, portulaca, escallonia, euonymus, I expect that's enough to be going on with...

18 Sep, 2010


Bamboo, what do you mean by portulaca? Around here, that's a summer annual.

18 Sep, 2010


Thuja occidentalis 'Smaragd' (Emerald) good as either freestanding plants, or grown as a hedge.

19 Sep, 2010


Slip of the brain, Tugbrethil, you're absolutely right, wrong name! I meant portuguese laurel, Prunus lusitanica, in particular, variegata. thanks for picking that up... obviously having a CRAFT moment...

19 Sep, 2010

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