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Hi - I will be moving to a new house in Argyll. The garden needs a lot of work/redesigning!

The garden is on a bit of a slope and gets a lot of rain. I'll also be in midgie country (why am I moving again?!?). Anyway, my plan is to put in plants that like to suck up a lot of water, but that will also attrack birds - hopefully, to eat the midgies!

Would you be able to suggest some shrubs and flowering plants that would be suitable?

Thanks in advance!



I know birds would love pyracantha or cotoneaster berries... can you re-post this question with a photo of the site? Is it sun or shade?

18 Sep, 2010


Thanks for the suggestions.

The garden is west-facing and gets a lot of sun.

Sorry, don't have a photo, as I haven't moved in yet :-)

19 Sep, 2010


West facing should mean it only gets sun in the afternoons, Kera2811. The approximate size of the area would be useful to know.

19 Sep, 2010

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