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By Carolyn

Hampshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, hope this is the right section. I was wondering if there is a site/list that someone could point me in the right direction or someone could tell me the ins and outs of gardening qualifications, as am debating doing some ?



Blimey Carolyn what a peculiar question what are you actually looking for? horticulture,landscape,or container gardening..or something else...
Best Wishes

23 Aug, 2008


Are you looking for a qualification or just a Horticultural course, Carolyn? There are the RHS courses which you can either do at home by correspondence, with an exam at the end, you can go from level 2 up to a full-blown diploma. Or there are correspondence courses, one of which I am doing, which are more practically-focussed. I suggest that as a first step, log on to the RHS website at and look for the 'education' section. This will show you the prospectus for the RHS courses. If you want any info. on the correspondence courses, please dont hesitate to send me a private message and I'll try to help, with info on the College etc.The RHS Gardens do day courses on particular gardening aspects, if you just want a short course - but you need to be within travelling distance! Hope this helps.

23 Aug, 2008


Hi, thanks for that Spritz, sorry my query is a bit general, I am not sure myself, but your responses and Buffriddler will give me an ideas to think on. RHS sounds a good start.
brill tha;nks again glad I asked been pondering a while., as at home mum and will eventually need a new part time studies or work. I have been doing floristry but think I would like to have a go at gardening at some aspect, as I enjoy it, it also helps with floristry too as plant sold in shop too.

23 Aug, 2008


Your local college may well have some short courses which might help - depends on how deep you want to dig (if you'll excuse the expression...)

23 Aug, 2008

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