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Can anyone Tel me the name of this flower it has pink flowers and grows about a meter tall




Rose campion?

5 May, 2021


Rose Campion/Dusty Miller, several common names. Botantical name, Silene coronaria.
Self seeds freely for me.

5 May, 2021


I don't think it's Dusty Miller. DM is silvery white with finely cut leaves that grow from a central point. Rose Campion? maybe.

Whatever this is, it needs repotting like yesterday.

6 May, 2021


Thank you so much for the quick reply’s I do loves this group

6 May, 2021


Lychnis Coronaria maybe, with those shocking pink flowers. I have white as well and the leaves look the same.

6 May, 2021


Dusty miller is a common local name for it in the area where I grew up.
But it is also a common name for "Centaurea cineraria, the velvet centaurea, is – like some other plants – also known as dusty miller and silver dust".

That is the problem with common names as we often find when answering questions.

Mine look like this and they are in the ground. They are relatively short lived [4-5 years] but seed prolifically.

Lychnis coronaria is also Silene coronaria. I do wish they would stop swapping names.

6 May, 2021


I know it as Lychnis coronaria,SBG,I didn't know it was also known by the names above ! I hate it when they change names too ! I still call one of my plants,Dicentra,or Bleeding Heart !! :o)

6 May, 2021


LOL now we sound like a Laurel & Hardy skit. 'Who's on first?' I don't even know how to respond but I agree totally. I was referring to Senecio cineraria

6 May, 2021


And that is also now known as Jacobaea maritima aaaargh!!!! Silver ragwort/sea ragwort etc......

Yes Bloomer now Lamprocapnos spectabilis. At least the other smaller Dicentra are still Dicentra for now!

6 May, 2021


I'm with you there Sandra. Dicentra spectabilis it is for me - I'm too old to change now...And it took me ages to learn Lychnis coronaria. Agree Sbg, I wish they'd put their microscopes and textbooks away for now and let things be...

6 May, 2021

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