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I've had my excellent rhubarb for 50 years and it has never had anything wrong with it.. (It has moved house with me several times)Today it suddenly shows large yellow areas on a few of the leaves. It was fine three days ago. This is not small spots, its large areas of the leaf. It is affecting both old and young new leaves. What on earth is going on? Panic panic...



does this help Yorks.

7 May, 2021


Thank you Eileen. I've just been to have another look and its worse than I thought. I couldn't see anything on the website that matched it, unless it has been short of water during the long dry April. But then the whole plant would have been affected I would have thought. What's left still looks healthy so fingers crossed. I don't know what to do short of watering it some more. I've taken off all the affected leaves for starters.

I have been toying with moving it to a different site for a while so if I lose the lot it will spur me on to start again with new plants - but that means a whole year without a crop which doesn't bear thinking about!!!

7 May, 2021


Can you add a photo?

7 May, 2021


Too late, I took all the affected leaves off this evening. if any more are affected I'll try to get a shot then.

7 May, 2021

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