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Care for a clivia plant. Has finished flowering l have cut off stalk. It has been a beautiful plant flowering for 8 weeks any help for care hoping it might flower again thanks Kate

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I am told they are easy. Cant remember how much as it is 40 yrs since I had one. Yours is lovely.
this is the RHS advice page.

8 May, 2021


Thanks for your interest I hope I can get it to flower again Kate

8 May, 2021


According to hubby mine seemed to thrive on neglect really, a warm shower to keep the leaves clean and a couple of drops of babybio food every now and again.

he seems to remember it got left out side in a rain shower and didn't get brought back in again. No recollection of that at all!

8 May, 2021


Lots of information on RHS page thanks Kate

9 May, 2021


I'm Eileen but I answer to most things ;o)

9 May, 2021

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