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I think my lemon tree has a red spider mite infestation.... looks like a dusting of red powder - just that some of it is moving!! I had a quick search on here and it seems that cause could be the plant's too dry but I do water it regularly as it's kept in my conservatory.
So in a 'green' effort to get rid of the little sods, I've just sat it out in the rain to try and wash them off :) is there anything I should to do to get rid of them permanently? Is this what could be causing my recent leaf drop?
I'd really hate to lose the plant as it's fruiting great!
Please help :)



I know how you feel, as I had an infestation earlier this year on three plants.
Regular misting with a light solution of washing up liquid in lukewarm water helps control/eradicate. On the larger leaved plants, mix up some washing up liquid in water and using a couple of sponges, wipe each leaf clean, especially the undersides. You'll need to do this two or three times a day though.
Cut and paste this link to your browser for more info on biological control using predatory mites..........

19 Sep, 2010


Thanks for that Meanie, I drenched it in dilute fairy liquid last night :) and it looks some of the mites had slid off already :)
I'll do it again for the next few days to see how it goes.

20 Sep, 2010


A good wipe first?

20 Sep, 2010

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