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My Acuba is looking rather sickly. It looks limp and is going brown at the edges. I fear the worst. It has been in its present position for over seven years and has been one of my most reliable shrubs. Any ideas why it should suddenly decide to take a turn for the worse and what to do about it?



have you ever given it a general feed? perhaps it is lacking nutrients.
Try that and hope it will recover.

12 May, 2021


I would try SBG's suggestion first but Aucuba does have a habit of suffering from a root disease called Phytophthora (look it up) of which there is no remedy and best not to grow anything else in that spot for some time.

13 May, 2021


Thanks, Seaburngirl: I have just given it some Growmore and have also found the continuous release plant food as well.
Jimmytheone: I have indeed looked this up but have a Ceanothus growing just a few feet from it, still very healthy and in flower as we speak. I tried to attach a photo but somehow it didn't work and I don't want to lose this message. I am not an expert so hopefully it does just need a feed.

13 May, 2021


Dear Seaburngirl and Jimmytheone

You kindly commented on my aucuba problem back in May. Sorry to say it went from bad to worse and I have today just pulled it up. The roots were almost non existent and it was very easy to pull up. I shall miss it. I know they are a very reliable shrub and I had one for years at my old flat. In fact, this one was somehow an offcut from it.
There is now a space where the aucuba had lived for over seven years. I cannot find how long the space should be left before getting another shrub and whether I should fertilise the position or whatever. Any ideas would be welcome.

20 Jun, 2021

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