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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all i transplanted these tomato plants into the planter in the cold frame just over a week ago, i had grown from seed inside in pots .I know its a bit early were getting about 13c daytime 7c overnight ,leaves have been turning dark see photos, could this be the temperature change or is there something else going on? Thanks all.

Tomato_plant1 Tomato_plant2



yep they are 'turning blue with the cold'. You need to bring them in at night. If left they will recover nut it will slow them down quite a bit.

13 May, 2021


Thanks SBG that was my feeling but wasn't sure i appreciate your advice,moved both planters into the house ,so hopefully they can recover their vigour. I think this year has been such a horrible one i am getting a bit too eager to plant out .:)

13 May, 2021


It's a sign of distress most likely the cold temps but also abruptly moving the plants outdoors without acclimatizing them. They should be moved outdoors gradually. Your only 5 degrees shy of 50C. Another week or so, you'll be OK. I wouldn't bring them back in again and then back out again. It's too much moving. Maybe just throw a fleece over them at night or place something over them like a bottle with the bottom cut out. If you place a few bricks or stones around them, they will emit enough heat to keep them happy during the night. They won't do much until the temps warm up. 50C at night is the magic number.

13 May, 2021


I do the plant hokey-cokey: in at night, out in the day ........

13 May, 2021


Thanks Bathgate i 've got them in my annexe aside my house which is about 6 degrees warmer than outside so their getting about 13 overnight and if its similar in the day i will take outside for a day trip,cheers both.

14 May, 2021

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