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By Andrea

Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Hi, could someone please give me advice on an ornamental orange was a christmas present last year and had a couple of large fruits on it then. I have had it in my greenhouse and it has a lot of marble sized fruits on it, I have brought it into my porch as the nights are getting colder, do you think that there is a chance of the fruits fully developing, and how should I best look after it?



Is your porch enclosed in glass and heated, Andrea? If not, I would bring it inside to a sunny bay window, or under strong artificial light. If you can, move it when the indoor and outdoor temps are as close to alike as possible--really sudden changes in temperature can cause the fruit to fall off, as can lack of light. Good luck!

20 Sep, 2010


Thanks for that...the porch is very light but not heated, so i will probably bring it inside instead. Should I be feeding it?

20 Sep, 2010


I feed my Lemon tre regularly with Citrus feed.

20 Sep, 2010



20 Sep, 2010

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