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Hi everybody. I was just going through some of my house plants and tagging them. That way I can remember names. There are a couple I can’t figure out. Need some help.

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I am not certain at all. the top one looks like one of the peperomia but not certain at all.
don't recognise the second one at all.

14 May, 2021


I also think the first one is a type of Peperomia. The nearest one I can think of is P. serpens but not sure ...

14 May, 2021


There seems to be one with purply leaves in the second pic. I think that might be a tradescantia?

14 May, 2021


The first one is a Waffle Plant (Pilea nummulariifolia) and the next is Silver Squill (Ledebouria socialis, formerly Scilla violacea).

16 May, 2021

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