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By Alextb

London, England Eng

Will my two new fuschia plants surive winter?

What should I do

They are in hanging baskets.

Thanks, any advice is welcome.



There are hardy fuchsias but in hanging baskets they're probably not the hardy variety. You need to keep them frost free. Bring indoors or in a frost free green house.

I've heard it said that burying non hardy fuchsias about 6 inches below ground outdoors in light soil puts them into hibernation and keeps them frost free. Worth a try but I've not done so . I'll gve it a try this winter

19 Sep, 2010


that sounds like a good thing to try Anchorman. I've ended up with lots more fuchsias this year, all in one go, and am very unconfident about getting them through the winter, especially if it's as severe as the last one.

19 Sep, 2010


It is an idea which seems to make sense isn't it?

19 Sep, 2010


Might try that with the 15 'Hardy Hawkshead fuchsias' that I got from Thompson and Morgan. Unfortunately they were something completely different and so I don't know if they are hardy or not!

19 Sep, 2010


That sounds 'exactly' like the sort of thing that T&M get up to, Ginellie! Not a single one of the Coreopsis collection I waited for turned out to be the right ones. They arrived far too late to be of any use, as well!

20 Sep, 2010


Interesting they made mistakes with other plants Spritz. When I complained they sent me a refund but by then I had dug a bed specially for the Hawksheads and the pale pink trailing variety were of little use!

21 Sep, 2010


I had a moan at them as the plants were so late, but I didn't get a refund! I obviously didn't moan loudly enough. :-((

21 Sep, 2010


I keep saying this, but i'm definitely not buying from the large mail order companies again, whatever lovelies they dangle. They are often the wrong plant or as Spritz says, arrive too late. It's so disappointing when you've made plans and a refund really doesn't compensate. Thinking about it, some silly people order so many diverse plants from different companies that they don't remember who and what and so forget who to complain to and begin to doubt that they've ordered them etc...ok, perhaps that's just me:-)

1 Oct, 2010


LOL. I'm sure it's not, Ba! ;-/

1 Oct, 2010

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