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Bees In My Compost BinI have just been to take some compost from the bottom of my plastic compost bin

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Bees In My Compost Bin

I have just been to take some compost from the bottom of my plastic compost bin. It is the standard black, open bottom bin with a small hatch at the bottom for removal of compost. When I removed the hatch and returned from the shed with my spade, the bin was literally crawling with what I think are bumble bees.

I have checked for advice online about this and the suggestion seems to be that if they are bumbles, they should be left until they move out around October.

Is this correct? Has anyone else had to deal with bees nesting in the compost?

The problem, of course, is that not only can I not use the compost, but I am not sure if the colony will grow and become a real problem in and around the bin.

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can you take a photo of them? Then we hopefully can identify which bee it is.
tree bumbles will settle in compost bins/ nest boxes etc and they will move on late summer.

14 May, 2021


Thanks, Seaburngirl. I can try but think they may be back inside the bin now and I am not sure I want to remove the hatch again as it was a bit tricky getting it back on with the bees around me.

The bin does sit under a very large conifer.

14 May, 2021


Fret not, bumble bees rarely sting and if they do it is not as painful as a honey bee sting. They are very placid. Such a shortage of them, please do not do anything nasty to them.

14 May, 2021


Owdboggy, I really don't want to do anything to them at all. It does give me a problem, but I would rather know the extent of my problem.

I did go back to try and get a photo but had no success. I can hear a lot of buzzing inside the bin so don't want to remove the hatch as I know there will be a lot coming out.

I will try again tomorrow for a pic.

14 May, 2021


We had a nest of them in the space between the ceiling and the roof in our last house. They used to make a fair old noise when one banged on the ceiling. There was a constant drone when it was hot as they fanned their wings to control the temperature. They went by mid-summer.

14 May, 2021


Well you are lucky in a way apart from not having access to the compost. I have a row of broad beans in full flower and only seen one bee on them.

14 May, 2021


We are not too bad with bees here, normally. I suppose we are lucky. We have fields close to the house and I suppose that helps. But the garden has some wild areas so they seem to hide in there too.

14 May, 2021


I think you are blessed to have a colony of bumbles. I didn't realise they behaved in that way. As often happens, we learn so much as members of this site. Unfortunate that your lovely compost can't be used just yet, but what a compensation.

14 May, 2021


I just wish I had been blessed with the colony somewhere else, Merlinbabydog.

I have added a couple of photos. Not good but these little bees don't really pose for a pic!

15 May, 2021


We had a small amount of these little bees which took over a nest box, but moved on - perhaps to a grander home or just dispersed as they do.
Best of luck with them, just think yourself lucky that they considered your bin to be of sufficient quality to live in!

15 May, 2021


Well that's a very positive way to think of it, Honeysuckle!

15 May, 2021


they do look like tree bumbles and as said they will disperse later in the year.

16 May, 2021


Thanks, Seaburngirl.

16 May, 2021

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