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Please helpI cannot remember the name of this plant

North Yorkshire, United Kingdom Gb

Please help

I cannot remember the name of this plant/shrub, but it has suddenly developed brown spots! Can someone please tell me what I can do to treat this?. It was healthy when I pruned it in March

Thank you




Is it a Hebe?

That looks fungal to me. See if spraying it with a fungicide like Roseclear helps. [check the dosage instructions though]

Lots of friends say they have suddenly lost their hebes.

14 May, 2021


No it isn't Hebe (Christmas Rose, is that right ?)

It produces longish purple flowers in the Autumn/Winter

I will spray with anti-fungal as you suggest

Thank you for your help

15 May, 2021


No it isn't a Hebe. Am I correct in thinking that Hebe is sometimes called Christmas Rose, is that right? Produces , lovely creamy coloured flowers in winter? I have two of these which are still healthy.

This plant with the spots produces long purple flowers in the autumn/winter

I will spray with anti-fungal , as you suggest.

Thank you for your help

15 May, 2021


No, Christmas rose is a herbaceaous perennial not a shrub.
Could it be a Caryopteris?

15 May, 2021


Just checked on the Internet and you were right, it is indeed a Hebe. At least I have learned its correct name :-)

15 May, 2021


Sorry I seem to have managed to duplicate the message. They don't show up immediately after typing.!

Does the Latin name of the Christmas Rose start with *H* ? Don't know how I could have confused this with the Hebe?

It was interesting that you have friends that have lost their plants this winter, was it the severe frost do you think?

15 May, 2021


yes it is Helleborus.

I think prologed wet in the late autumn and then the cold too. Several members on here have said they have lost their Hebes.

15 May, 2021


Thank you.

Well mine hasn't died yet so hope the spraying might pull it through.

16 May, 2021

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