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By Alextb

London, England Eng

can anyone recommend how to protect my garden from little brats, without using barbed wire and landmines.


Any advice is welcome.



Depends how little the brats are but if they're not really small and likely to hurt themselves then thorny shrubs such as pyracantha might be a solution.

19 Sep, 2010


Landmines sound good Alextb,lol, we have a lot of problems with little brats too, so planted a fabulous rambling rose Bobby James which even grows in the shade, certainly stopped them getting in my garden.

19 Sep, 2010


Nail one to your front door to warn off the others ;)

19 Sep, 2010


Love that Bluespruce.

19 Sep, 2010


I used to have problems with my plums and apple crops being "raided" big time - mostly by neighbouring brats....until one year I shook a bag of ordinary flour over the trees (they were wall trained so it was an easy task!) and the brats assumed it was insecticide and left well alone....great result....I got to enjoy my own harvest!!

The police actually encourage gardeners to grow berberis and pyracantha etc - anything thorny...but the ultimate brat-deterrent is a couple of dogs ...and a nice notice on the gate stating "Please close the gate - Dogs On Duty" has the added bonus of keeping "cold callers" at bay!! LOL Strangers are not to know what kind of dogs they are of course....;>>))

20 Sep, 2010


I was going to suggest an electric fence :)

I would go down the thorny bush route, maybe berberis?? Lovely flowers followed by orange berries.....

20 Sep, 2010


put a cctv sign in the window , this soon put the horrors off trying to be clever by damaging my fencing etc.
Not only that they get curious where the cameras are even if you have NOT got them up
But i like the idea of an electric fence and nailing them, to the door but you could get done for that .Thats the only problem with this solution

20 Sep, 2010


I love the idea of nailing them to the door, just like an early Halloween decoration LOL.

I'll see if my local B&Q stock landmines. If not, I might have to find an alternative.

Thanks for all your repsonses.

20 Sep, 2010

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