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hi i seem to be always asking questions, so i apologise beforehand.... lawns.... my lawn has recently gone strange, i.e. big patches of long flattened grass, in general not looking good even though i have the lawn people to do it twice a year, now yesterday i woke to fine baby mole hills, only they were not mole hills, they were red ant hills, and on closer inspection i had small holes all over the lawn, i put down ant powder, but have read that borax helps, but i have a dog, so thought about washing up lipquid, sugar and water, has anyone else had this problem, let me know before my lawn disappears, there must be millions of em under my lawn, and i particularly dont care for ants!!!!!



any of the ant-icides will work but you will need to keep any pets/ children off for a couple of weeks The one that is like a sugar granule is taken into the nests and kills the colony.

The flattened grass sounds like a different species of coarser grass. Could have come from bird seed etc.

If you pay for lawn care then I would ring them and ask them why the lawn has deteriorated. When did they last visit you?

Dont worry GOY was designed for people to ask questions. Exercises my brain too.

15 May, 2021


It may not even be the ants. The ants are always there but I have never seen them flatten a lawn. I would say grubs. They eat away at the roots until they pupate. Then they emerge as beetles or something like that. That might explain the million holes. At this point they are gone and the damage is done. The ants are secondary and only taking advantage of the freshly tilled lawn. They are the 'clean-up' crew.

You are free to ask as many questions as you like. That's what this site is all about.

15 May, 2021


certainly in the UK ants make small ant-hills on lawns.

some of the other holes could be mining bees.
I'd get in touch with your lawn care people.

15 May, 2021


Yes, it would be a shame to kill off any mining bees.

15 May, 2021

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