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i HAVE PURCHASED 7 ELEAGUS EBBINGER VIVILEG 3/4 standard trees but unfortunately they seem to have small brown speckles on underside of the leaves. are they diseased?



Welcome to GoY
are you able to upload a photo of a typical leaf.
Is it every tree and every leaf.

if it is every leaf it could be typical of the underside.

15 May, 2021


Thankyou. I'll take photos and upload.

19 May, 2021


hi there
my ebbinger vivileg trees are top grafted and i now have new shhoots growing at the point of the graft. should these be cut off or is this normal?

16 Jun, 2021


Did you ever get a reply to this? If the sho0ts are coming from below the graft cut them off. If they from above the graft you can cut them or leave them depending on whether you want a branch there or not.If you want to keep them as standards it will be better to remove them.

Mine is a different variety from yours but you might find it a good idea to keep a look out in the autumn for tiny very inconspicuous white flowers which smell wonderful. I'd had mine for years before I noticed! Not sure if you'll get them on a variegated one but worth checking.

22 Jun, 2021

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