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I just recently bought a dicentra spectabilis, about 3 weeks ago. I planted it in a container and it seemed to be doing fine at first. It even sprouted out a flower bud. Then I decided to change the potting mix to give it better drainage.

Note that this plant came in a plantable container so during the soil change the roots were untouched. So I thought transplant shock wouldn't be a problem but about a week after, it just began wilting and drying off. It's not yellowing or anything, just the small foliages slowly drying up and wilting away. I've checked the soil and it seemed to be moist all the time. Is this transplant shock? What can I do to save it? Please help, I've always wanted to have this plant. :(




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Oh so disappointing: that is odd if you haven't damaged the root ball. Is the fibrous square I can see part of the original plant container?
There were probably some of the finer roots embedded into the fibrous material and they have been damaged
The compost seems very gritty and they do prefer to be in moisture retentive soil in light/dappled shade.

All I can suggest is you repot into less free draining compost and wait. I wouldn't through it out until next year when the roots stock may push up new shoots.

16 May, 2021


Don't know what the weather in NY has been like but could it have been a victim of a late frost or a strong wind? Though they are usually pretty tough.

16 May, 2021


Thank you so much for the info! I'll try and keep them until next year and see how it does. Oh the plant is kept indoors in a pot actually. So I don't know if that changes things. Are they not suitable for pots? It's a pretty large pot, about 10 inch diameter. Also, I did change the potting mix to a more well draining one which may explain why it's not doing so well after the switch. I'll try and switch it back and see what happens. Hopefully it's still alive.

18 May, 2021

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