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More plants for identification.

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The last one looks like either Larkspur or Chinese Delphinium, probably the latter, if I've got the scale right.
The other two are still mysteries to me.

16 May, 2021


1. no idea though one appears to have a flower spike forming.
2. Lysimachia punctata Alexander [compare the foliage with the one in the other photo that I think may be the same plant but the all green one]
3. Looks like an Aconite possible napellus.

16 May, 2021


Thank you.

16 May, 2021


Second one looks like Euonymus fortunii - several varieties Sorry can't tell which but possibly Silver Queen.

16 May, 2021


could the first be a type of Hemerocallis? not convinced as the way the leaves grow doesn't look right.

17 May, 2021


Not sure about first. Second Lysimachia. First thought with third was Aconite.

18 May, 2021


Wow. Never seen a Lysimachia with variegated leaves before.

19 May, 2021


Its a variety called Alexander and the young growth is flushed pink, very pretty.

20 May, 2021


These suggestions are all very helpful, thank you.

21 May, 2021


I can now confirm that the plant in the first picture is prairie spiderwort also known as 'Tradescantia Occidentalis'.

23 May, 2021

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