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Can my neighbour put a fence up that will stop us from opening 2 of my windows and block access to the rear of my property for maintenance? They are threatening to do it out of spite as we put a shed up in our garden, nowhere near their property or interferes with their land whatsoever, they just don't like the look of it! It's a standard 3m x 3m shed!



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My understanding is that the simple answer is no they cannot do anything like that. but check via citizen advice.

One website says if you have concerns about what is being proposed ring/email the local council and ask for advice. This should be free basic advice.

Could planting climbers or extra screening in your garden be a solution to the problem. Does the shed alter a view they enjoyed from their property. If that is the case and you didn't need planning permission for your shed they have 'no right to view/light'. we have had 2 houses built in the fields behind us and we have no right to view/light from the development as they are far enough away from our boundary.

17 May, 2021


Would it not even be a health and safety issue ? Heaven forbid but if you can’t open your window if there was ever a fire in the building ! ? Hope you get definite advice about that !

17 May, 2021


You must check with your city ordinance. Each city has very specific building codes that must be adhered to. For example in Bridgehampton, Long Island, your house must be white with black shudders and your lawn must be meticulous, no dandelions and trimmed 4 inches with square edging. A fence cannot exceed 4'. (I'm not kidding).

Call your city council to get code on building a fence, shed, etc. If your neighbors are in violation, you can file a complaint with the city council and they will address the situation. If the fence is in spec, you can't do very much but try to get along. The situation with your neighbors sounds very volatile. Also check with your fire department. If the fence is blocking egress - they can't get in and you can't get out. That's a safety issue. You may have a case.

17 May, 2021


Thank you! I will speak to our local council. I agree it would pose a fire escape risk so I'd be very surprised if it was allowed! Our shed is behind a very tall hedge so they can only see the top of the roof, which is felted dark green to match! I guess there's nowt as funny as folk! ;)

17 May, 2021


Paul remind me never to go to live in Bridgehampton - sounds like a communist state!

18 May, 2021


Sue - Check out some of the estates in Bridgehampton on Google. Many of them rival Buckingham Palace.

18 May, 2021


Doesn't sound as if I'm about to change my mind then!

Rooting for you MrsB - don't give in, you have a really good case...

19 May, 2021

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