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Hi thinking of buying a variegated Norway MAPLE I've read they are a bad tree to plant due to complete shade and fiberius root system making nothing grow around them they drop seedlings and reverting (could be difficult to cut out evergreen when large) . Any positives?( Sorry about the SPRUCE part of previous message i copied it and didn't check it!)




Same reply really re the conifer. A lovely tree but really for a large garden gets to 25m in height.
Woodland trust has this to say on the standard one

Variegated ones are not that much different.


19 May, 2021


Ok thanks i will have a look....... height varies depending on where you look

19 May, 2021


Maybe a 'Silver King' Sweet Gum? Still eventually large, but slower growing and better behaved in thr meantime.

20 May, 2021


I have one in my garden, inherited it with house
.never noticed seedlings in the just over 5 years we been here. Do get the odd branch turning plain green leaves so marked them and cut out in winter. Love the colour of leaves in spring, it almost glows. As for planting under. I put a tall pot (blue) under it and plant up.

20 May, 2021

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