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My Flowering Cherry Tree has put out new shoots & looks like I will have cherries this year on them LOL
I'm wondering if they will be edible?



Depends on which cherry it is. They will be edible whether they are palatable is a different question.
Don't crack the stones and eat the kernels as they contain cyanide.

24 May, 2021


Don't get too excited though - the fruit will probably be small and not very nice - and the blackbirds don't always wait for it to ripen either...

24 May, 2021


If there no good Yorkslass, I will cut those branches out, mind you, we may cut the whole tree down as there is a lot of dead branches on the tree & there was sticky sap too :o(( Oh! Well, time for change maybe? LOL.
Once I lived in a house with a very big Cherry Tree, I was looking forward to harvesting them, came down one morning & the birds had eaten the lot, all that was left was the stem & stones hanging from the branches Grrr! LOL. x

1 Jun, 2021


That takes me right back to my childhood! We used to have three cherry trees (crammed into a tiny garden) There was a blackbird who thought all the cherries were his and he used to stand in one tree and scold like mad if he thought we were going t "steal" some of "his" fruit. On one occasion we came home to find a little boy up there instead of the blackbird... Thank you for that memory. Maybe you should buy a new tree that will fruit nicely for you!

1 Jun, 2021


I’m glad I took you back to your childhood Yorkslass, if I was staying in this house I would think about a Victoria Plumb Tree but we want to downsize as back & front garden is getting too much for me, going to have a couple of Gardeners to help us now LOL xx

2 Jun, 2021


Yorkslass. Ha! I sometimes come as Ladyessex & Goldengirl LOL.

3 Jun, 2021


How come?

3 Jun, 2021


I couldn’t get my LadyEssex1 to work so started again as Goldengirl! Then I found I could get up My LadyEssex1 again LOL xx

20 Jun, 2021

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