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Muscari bulbs- ive left the seed heads on for the flowers. If I cut them off and throw them elsewhere on the garden would they re seed?



With a vengeance! We spent more time removing self seeded Muscari than any other so called Garden plant.

26 May, 2021


as long as the seed is ripe it will grow where it lands as Owd says.

26 May, 2021


Brilliant! Thanks guys! It’s my favourite spring bulb, there’s just some areas I can’t read to plant the bulbs so thought I’d just have a go at throwing the seeds down 😂

27 May, 2021


Timing is the key: the pods should turn color, so the seeds are ripe, but they shouldn't have broken open yet. Remember that it may take a couple of seasons' growth for the seedlings to flower.

27 May, 2021

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