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Could anyone identify this weed/ plant please.The larger leaves aren't part of it.




looks hornbeam ish but it doubt it is. I will have a closer look later today.

27 May, 2021


its not hornbeam.
Are the leaves single or are they in 3's or 5's its hard to tell from the photo.

I'm heading towards one of the potentillas [marsh] or even a geum but still not certain.

There appears to be a flower bud forming. Can you leave it until it flowers and see if we can id it then?

27 May, 2021


With the stipules and prickles, it looks kind of bramble-ish, to me. Maybe a wild Rubus species?

27 May, 2021


what is bugging me is I have seen this or very similar before.
You dont have Gillenia do you?

or meadowsweet/fillipendula?

yep need more photos please. I love a challenge.

27 May, 2021


if its in the wrong place it is a weed no matter how choice and beautiful.

27 May, 2021


Just been for our walk and the lane is full of whatever this plant is. Annoying as I know it but the name will not pop.

28 May, 2021


Then what is up our lane is probably not it. Leaves look very similar. Cannot find anything like it in the books either. The leaves look similar to the new ones on one of the hedge trees.

28 May, 2021

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