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Good evening all, could you please tell me if this Hosta is too congested even though its still very young, it's not doing well this year at all. Many thanks




It looks fine to me. It has lots of space still.

Has it got plenty of drainage and some semi shade?

29 May, 2021


Do vine weevils eat Hosta roots? It reminds me of an Aspidistra I used to have that was being chewed on by chafer grubs.

30 May, 2021


they can do especially in a peat based compost. Was it recently repotted?

30 May, 2021


Yes I did repot it a few weeks ago, I'll check for grubs, many thanks

30 May, 2021


If you have only just done it it could be due to root disturbance. I tend to do mine just as the new growth is just poking through 1-2cm out of the soil.

30 May, 2021

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