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I get a little confused with the feeding regime. I have stopped feeding the garden now ( hope this is right) but have just bought some cyclamen & violas for winter baskets. Do I feed these and if so how long for. I just thought you stopped feeding in winter and started again in spring. Also do I have to feed my bulbs that have been put into pots. I think that is one of my many faults not getting the feeding right. I look at some of the lovely results a lot of you get and know I have an awful lot to learn about gardening.



No, you don't feed your violas - usually you'll be planting them into fresh compost, which has a small amount of feed in it already. If you feed them now, it encourages soft and sappy growth which may not be able to withstand sudden cold when it arrives. This is also the reason you don't feed plants past July, you want any growth they're making to be slower and hardening off ready for autumn/winter.
Spring flowering bulbs planted in pots now do not need feeding - the time to feed is when the flowers are fading but the leaves are still present.

21 Sep, 2010


Thank you Bamboo. I never knew you shouldn't feed after July, so glad I asked. It makes sense now you have explained. Thanks again.

21 Sep, 2010

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