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Should I entirely cut back my clematis or is this normal? I am new to gardening and I have a few different clematis and only have one green shoot out of all of them. The other vines are brown from the ground up. They have new growth but if it's brown from the soil up, eventually the new growth is just going to die, right? 😬 Or is this normal and I'm just clueless? Photos of new ones I just bought. They are supposed to be going in a trellis planter, which is where I have my other two that are also doing this. I got one flower so far out of those...

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welcome to GoY.
it is common for clematis to get 'bare legs' as the older growth turns woody and then the new growth is all at the top.
Depending on which type of clematis it is will depend when you prune it.
If you know the variety name you will be able to find out if it is a group 1, 2 or 3. This determines when you prune it.

Gp 1 Generally if it flowers early spring prune after flowering.
Gp 2 If mid summer then prune it in early spring so the new growth goes on to flower.
Gp 3 flower late autumn/winter prune in spring.

This is the RHS advice

31 May, 2021

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