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Good evening all, I just noticed this odd growth on one of my Alliumns, is it anything to worry about as in spreading to the other ones?




They are bulbils, so they will be identical to the parent. This is not unusual and they will ripen and drop off unless you remove them yourself.

Probably due to the dry spring when the flowers were forming.

1 Jun, 2021


They're a good way to multiply them, but they will take 2-5 years to grow big enough to bloom, depending on the species.

4 Jun, 2021


I have posted a query re who posted this.

These could be galls caused by a parasite, either an insect or fungus.
take one off and carfully cut into it. If it has layers like an onion it is a bulbil. if it is hollow with a small maggot/grub then it is a gall. remove them and pop into the bin.

6 Jun, 2021

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