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Canb anyone help me with the full names of these plants...
Heuchera (??)
Dogwood (??)
Philadelphius (??)

Dsc00491 Dsc00493 Dsc00495



The only one you need there is that the Dogwoods proper name is Cornus.
The others you already have correct.
In Philadelphus you don't need the 'i' before the 'u'.

22 Sep, 2010


I wondered if they were after the varietal name. in which case the Heuchera could be one of any. These tend to be varieties of H micrantha eg ''Heuchera micrantha var.diversifolia 'palace purple'.

Cornus alba for the dogwoods but then there are different varieties.

There are several species for the Philadelphus too.

22 Sep, 2010


Ah, maybe, Seaburngirl :-/

22 Sep, 2010


Yep Seaburngirl, I was just wondering if anyone recognised the varieties.

22 Sep, 2010


do you know what the flowers on the philadelphus are ike. the comon double one tends to be 'virginal' or 'bride'.

the heuchera could be palace purple, but there are so many now.
dont know all the dog woods sorry.

22 Sep, 2010


The cornus is 'Westonbirt' or 'Sibirica'. I'd guess the Philadelphus as one of the tallest growing ones, such as a P. coronarius cultivar. Until it flowers you'll just have to be patient! Phil J

22 Sep, 2010

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