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More plant i.d!

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Pink flower is Pink Campion a British native. Feel sorry for it being fasten to a stick but if recently lifted it will flop. Usually they hold themselves ok.

4 Jun, 2021


Are you sure you want this? It's s fairly rampant self sowing wild flower here. (Very pretty though...)

4 Jun, 2021


Pink campion also known as Bachelors' Buttons. Seem to do best in damp light shade. I love to see them and have grown some from seed in the wild area of my garden.

4 Jun, 2021


I haven't heard it called this before Pennyfarthing, to me that is the annual cornflower or a white double daisy with aromatic leaves. Just goes to show how local names vary so much.

4 Jun, 2021


Yes it is strange Seaburngirl, but that is all we ever knew them as when I was a child. {Some time ago now!) I love all the old local country names and find them much easier to remember.

5 Jun, 2021

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