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Can anyone please give me an idea what is happening to the leaves of my rose on the garden arch. Does it just need feeding or is something more sinister afoot?




Most of the leaves look very healthy. I would imagine that the few yellowing leaves are the result of the early frosts.

4 Jun, 2021


Looks like it may be a fungal disease. a close up of a couple of leaves would help. Spraying with a product like Roseclear will help.

see if this link helps.

4 Jun, 2021


Thanks Jimmytheone and Seaburngirl. I'm not convinced it's frost damage as the yellowing has appeared more recenty than the last frost. I'm due a visit to a garden centre next week, so I'll get some Roseclear when I'm there. The photo doesn't show the yellowing very well - it's a more definite yellow than in the picture. I've taken a closeup, but don't know how to add it in a reply, so I'll start another thread.

5 Jun, 2021


It could be over-watering. There are many reasons that can cause rose leaves to yellow.

5 Jun, 2021

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