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I inherited in my garden what I take to be a phlomis fructicosa. It is very old, gnarled and more of a tree about 2m tall. The problem is that nothing seems to grow beneath it despite the fact that the area gets a fair amount of sunlight and is certainly not deep shade. Is this coincidence or is there something about the plant that inhibits growth of other plants?
Gordon Edwards

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I've never heard of a Phlomis fruticosa getting that big Thimbles. Any chance of a photo?

22 Sep, 2010


Hello Thimbles,

Ours was an inherited thug too, maybe because it was hogging a prime sunny spot, I don't know. Anyhow, middle of this summer I got a bit radical and chopped it right back, tho' not killing it completely. Then tried to grow some late sweet peas there which have not been great, but I think my timing was all up the creek!
What I'm saying in a rambling fashion is I think you are right. Nice handsome plant but can go a bit mad and take over I reckon, seems to be very fast-growing in my experience. I can well believe yours was that size.

22 Sep, 2010

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