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Cleveland, United Kingdom Gb

how to stop cats ruining my plants



Hello Guest and welcome to GOY.
If you can use the search facility on this site, type cats into the box and press enter. Yours is a question that pops up very often, so you should be able to see plenty of helpful answers people have given in the past. Otherwise consider joining us as a member, GOY is a very friendly and useful site, hope you enjoy it.

22 Sep, 2010


I have seen so many suggestions on here. We have electric cat scarers that get ignored. Citrous peel works for a short while. Water pistols...they run before you fire.....then they are back again. Some cats are dedicated bird and squirrel chasers and nothing will deter them. Most of the morning there was a contest going on between a huge squirrel wanting to nick sunflower seeds and a black and white cat. Squirrel half way down down the Hawthorn trunk flickering his tail and chittering at the cat crouched on the path. They had both been up the tree about 6 times. Chilli powder and pepper is said to be good on bird seed and where the cats go to lurk.

23 Sep, 2010

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