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By Telme8

Vale of Glamorgan, Wales Wal

My Lupins are a sight all colours in a mass in a mixed border which are perfect, but I have another big bunch in a bed right near the apple tree. They have been lovely but suddenly as the bottom of the flower stems are turning into seed pods then further up the stem is stripped bare, then the top of the flowers is flowering as lower down. Could this be birds in the apple tree stripping the flowers off? My neibour who has just one or two lupin plants in a little bed in front of the shrubbery has the same problem. I have never had it before and this is what made me think it was the birds in the bushes and tree during the very hot spell we had 2 weeks ago stripping them. any one else experienced this.



Yes I have had this happen Telme to my lupins. The blue tits are also removing aphids and removing the flowers too.

12 Jun, 2021


Thanks Seaburn girl. My others are still perfect but the ones just under the tree deteriating fast. Off on Wednesday to have my complete hip replacement can't wait! Come Autumn and I hope I will be able to cut back and prepare for Winter at full speed. been struggling far too long. Will be thinking of you enjoying your gardening, i'll just have to sit and look at mine. Not me really.

14 Jun, 2021


I hope you op goes really well and you are up and about pain free in no time.
If my G maderense flowers I will look for seed I only have one small plant this year or i would have sent you some.
take care of your self.
Eileen x

14 Jun, 2021


All over, home yesterday, walked around the house today and supervised my son planting my begonias, wonderful already. A few seeds would be wonderful if you can find them.
Save some for yourself to as we seem to be having milder winters lately, so good chance of keeping them going.

21 Jun, 2021


That is brilliant news I hope you continue to make excellent progress.

21 Jun, 2021

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