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All my leaves have fallen off my Fatsia Japonica Aralia. Is there something wrong with my plants. I have 2 of these plants. One all the leaves are gone and the other one is losing them.



Welcome to GoY, Marsha!
Leaf loss in Japanese Aralias can be caused by a number of different things, so we need a little more information.
Are they in containers, or planted in the ground? Both lack of water and poor drainage can cause leaf loss, and that is easy to do in containers, though still possible with those in the ground.
What part of the country are they growing in? Southern Georgia, Florida, parts of the Gulf coast away from the ocean, the desert Southwest, and southwestern California away from the ocean all can get too hot for them in mid summer.
Sun exposure may also be a factor.
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16 Jun, 2021


welcome from me too.
Yes we will need more info and a photo if you can manage to upload one.

16 Jun, 2021

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