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Hi all,
So, I have this growing in my border and I have absolutely no idea what it is? I don't recall planting anything like it and have trawled the internet but cannot find ANYTHING that looks anything remotely like it. Help!!!!
Much appreciated :)

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it is a native Verbascum and it will produce a flower spike 4-8ft tall with pale/primrose yellow flowers.
an important plant for moths.

18 Jun, 2021


Wow!! I do remember now putting a teeny tiny plant in last year, yellow flowers I think, wow it's huge! I think it's grown a foot since yesterday! Many thanks for clearing that up

18 Jun, 2021


If you don't cut it down when its finished it will probably self seed next year. Mine does anyway.
Eileen, day moths or night ones?

18 Jun, 2021


Mullein moths feed on Verbascum. They are mostly night flyers. The leave the plant in a sorry looking sate, but it does recover once the caterpillars have gone. We always grew this just for the moths as they are getting rather rare.

18 Jun, 2021


Both moths bees and butterflies will feed on it at all times of the day/night. Mullein moths that lay their eggs on it for the caterpillars to feed on are night fliers as Owd says.

This Verbascum [mullien] will die after it has flowered and it will produce 100's of seeds.

19 Jun, 2021


May I butt in again? Do the caterpillars make roundish holes in the body of the leaf ?

20 Jun, 2021


they do Yorks. when ready they fall to the soil and pupate in the ground.

20 Jun, 2021


Thanks E.

22 Jun, 2021

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