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By Jake47

west midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi all there are 2 flowers in the photo intermingled ,the yellow one i have always had and the small orange long stemmed flowers are self setters.I have a feeling the yellow ones are a cultivated plant and maybe the small orange ones weeds,what do you think?I don't know the name of either.
btw i quite like the orange ones....




Lysimachia puntata and Pilosella aurantioides (pure guesswork).

19 Jun, 2021


The shrubby one looks like one of the Hypericum's and the dandelion type does like Pilosella.

19 Jun, 2021


I need better glasses!

19 Jun, 2021


Thanks owd and sbg, the Hypericum sounds great st johns wort i believe after googling and carefully checking some pictures ,i might even dry some out and make a tea.
The Pilosella looks nice so i may leave and take off flower heads later.:}

19 Jun, 2021


The Fox and Cubs (the Pilosella) can be badly infested with blackfly sometimes. Whether both plants are weeds depends on whether you want them in the garden. The Pilosella is easily pulled up if you don't want it

There are six St John's Wort varieties growing wild in the UK. This on is H. androsaemum, or Tutsan. It seeds easily and yours will have grown from bird droppings probably.
Lots of info on Tutsan tea on line recomment you read it before venturing on a cuppa.

20 Jun, 2021


Thanks yorkslass good info, i will do some reading up before i imbibe.:)

20 Jun, 2021

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