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Three years ago

I planted a Cl Sieboldii. It didn’t do too well but the flowers were true. Last year it didn’t do very well either and the blooms were pale green. This year it’s thriving with plenty of flowers - but they are still green. I think it’s reverted to one of its parents. The question is does anyone know of a way I can get it to flower as it should?



They do this from year to year, it may go back to being correct for you next year. It is one of those that changes from year to year. Colour may be dependent on temperature to some extent.

21 Jun, 2021


Mine does that, I don't know why, sometimes the flowers are small and green and other times they are normal. This year it hasn't flowered at all yet.

21 Jun, 2021


Ah, I didn’t know that. So perhaps that’s why my President (I think that’s what I’ve got) hasn’t done well last year or this despite being a rampant bloomer previously.

Thank you both for the helpful info.

22 Jun, 2021

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