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By Treetop

West Midlands, United Kingdom Gb

Hi folks, can you settle an argument? There is a debate going on as to what this tree is. Some say salix others say magnolia




I can't see the pink bits close enough to judge if they're flowers or bracts

If you can take a close up of them we may have a better idea, but in the meantime, do the pink bits have stamens & pollen or do they resemble pink leaves?

Given time of year I'm opting for salix until i can see the pink bits properly

22 Jun, 2021


Definitely Salix as identified on the Gardener's World site by Silver Surfer.

22 Jun, 2021


Its Salix integra Flamingo, also known as Salix hakuro-nishiki - has dappled, streakily variegated green leaves and new pink growth.

22 Jun, 2021


I'm with Grandad gardener on this, looks like Salix to me too.
but a close up of the pink bits would be better.

22 Jun, 2021


I say Salix....have 2 here which are identical with the fresh foliage.

22 Jun, 2021


I have this one, Salix pink flamingo.

22 Jun, 2021


Isn't it lovely, does it keep that colour or go green?

22 Jun, 2021


Sod it, I'm wrong again. But thanks anyway.

22 Jun, 2021


HA ! We live and learn Treetop. I used to have this until it decided to die, yes it's a Salix

23 Jun, 2021


Honeysuckle - its only the new growth that looks pink/white, it turns to green, usually variegated green, over time...

Treetop, you made me laugh...

23 Jun, 2021

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